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Welcome to OCA YARY

YARY is a Holistic Center, located on the banks of the Tijuípe River in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, between Ilhéus and Itacaré, in the village of Serra Grande, in Bahia.

The purpose of the space is the connection with nature, in a simple and ancestral way, opening interior spaces for the reconnection and renewal of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. ​


A gathering place: with nature, with spirituality, with others and with oneself


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A self-knowledge retreat to rest, regenerate and integrate.

Through the teachings of the elements, we will navigate a journey of self-knowledge with our in-house therapists: Giovanna Jaxuka and Taiara Takua.

Take advantage of this holiday to come and relax, take care of yourself, nourish yourself and be able to return home regenerated.




New cicle


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of 13 moons

There has always been, on the spiritual plane, a council of elders who guide and nourish the spirit of every woman who walks the Earth. This council was originally formed by 13 guardians who sustain the flame of Eternal Love over our Sacred Mother Earth.


Each of these guardians brings a quality, a story, a teaching to be integrated and experienced, discovering the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine and its connection with the Totality.

Âncora Eskawata
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8:00 am


yoga class
with giovanna jaxuka

Find balance between mind, body and spirit in Yoga class.


Take a deep breath, stretch, move your body and feel serenity invade every part of your being. Suitable for all experience levels.

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the space

We have a natural concept integrated with nature, with references from native peoples and local materials abundant in the Atlantic Forest.

ACentral Hollow, is the meeting place during our retreats.

That's where the hammock for hosting and a community kitchen.

Embraced by a wooded area, is the camping and the agroforestry

In the middle of the forest we have theTemple, where the activities take place, and nearby is the temazcal.

Every space is surrounded by forest, bathed by the waters of the Tijuípe river, with a beautifulwaterfall.


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Accommodation ranges from staying in Ocas, staying in hammocks and individual spaces; as we also offer individual chalets, shared houses and even camping during the experiences and courses.

The lodgings are all arranged in the middle of this beautiful forest, rich in tributaries and water. Fauna and flora stand out in their nuances during their changes in the day.

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Doubts? Query? Feedback? Talk to us, it will be a pleasure to receive a message from you!

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