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YARY Immersion
of fall

MAY 30 - 2 JUN



An immersion into the inner nature of our Being

Yary immersion is an immersion in nature, in nature and in the inner universe.

Through creative tools of self-knowledge, we go on a 4-day journey, connecting with our essence, connecting with nature, time to silence and renew, in an atmosphere of joy and integration.

Through creative tools of self-knowledge, ancestral, bodily, artistic and therapeutic practices, trails and waterfalls,Let's go on a 4-day journey, connecting with our essence, connecting with nature, time to silence and renew, in an atmosphere of joy and integration.


The Yary Immersion takes place every season, each of which is connected to an element of nature and a purpose.  


A space of connection is created so that you can get in touch with yourself, tend to your inner garden and allow your essence to flourish.

In the Spring edition, we take care of emotions, our waters. In the Summer edition, we connect with our purpose, our sacred dream and the Fire element. In the autumn/winter edition the call is to nourish our Earth and balance our being.



the place

Located on the Cocoa Coast, southern coast of Bahia, YARY is a Holistic Center located on the banks of the Tijuípe River, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. Created with the intention of providing moments of renewal and reconnection for everyone who passes through these lands.

4 days retreat
+ of10 experiences and activities
Accommodation at Oca, Casa Natureza or own tent

Healthy eating
(3 meals a day)


05/30 (Thursday)

8:00 am to 10:00 am Arrival

8:30 am to 9:30 am Breakfast

10:00 Conversation circle: Emotions Waterfall




Trail with meditation

herbal bath




Night with bonfire and songs

05/31 (Friday)

7:30 detox juice

8:00 Yoga

9:15 breakfast

10:30 talk about temazcal - sweat lodge





Experience Feeling





06/01 (Saturday)

7:30 detox juice

8:00 Yoga

9:15 breakfast

10:30 conversation wheel - dreams

11:30 Art Therapy


13:00 Lunch


15:00 Experience with Dances

16:30 Singing and SoundHealing Lesson


7:00 pm Dinner


20:00 Campfire with songs and cocoa

06/02 (Sunday)

7:30 detox juice

8:00 Yoga

9:15 breakfast

10:30 am Integrative Experience 11:30 Closing round

13:00 Lunch


free afternoon

Morning, afternoon and evening activities to nourish the heart.

• Connection with nature
• Balance of body, mind and spirit

• Renewal of energy

• Reconnection with silence, peace and harmony
• Detoxification of body and mind
• Strengthening trust
• Deepening self-knowledge

• Exchange with people who are looking for the same thing as you



At this first moment, the registration forms are open.



Giovanna Jaxuka

Giovanna Jaxuka is a naturopath therapist and specialist in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a seeker of paths de self-knowledge and ancestral native traditions. On this red path, for more than 20 years, he has been guiding the Temazcal ceremonies and other experiences in Oca Yary.


Tainara Takua

Tainara Takua é cantora, intérprete e compositora da etnia Mbya Guarani. Terceira geração de lideranças espirituais Guarani, traz as práticas ancestrais tecendo uma ponte com a atualidade.

+ special guests


*included in: Prices include healthy food, mostly vegan/vegetarian, stay at Oca Yary and activities. 


*Enrollment: Enrollment is considered effective upon payment of a deposit of 50% of the value of the experience, which is non-refundable in case of withdrawal. Registration closes 7 days before the experience.

*Payment: The rest of the payment can be made up to three days before the meeting by transfer, or upon arrival if you need to pay in installments on your credit card (additional 5%).

*Cancellation: In cases of cancellation due to health issues with a medical certificate, please contact us to check the possibility of a refund.

*Accommodation: Included in Oca or Camping, where everyone should bring their own equipment. If you need the kit (hammock, rope, mosquito net and cover) there is an extra cost of R$150 reais.

*room accommodation: If you prefer, you can stay at Casa Natureza, they are shared rooms for up to two people - maximum capacity of the house is 8 people. 1000m away from Oca Central. Get in touch to check availability and reserve your spot, price per person during this experience R$420 (from Thursday to Sunday). It is possible to extend your stay if you wish.

*Accommodation in an inn: If you prefer, it is possible Staying in nearby guesthouses, we are a 20-minute drive from the beach of sargi, where you have miscellaneous options, but remember that you need to have a means of transport to come and go each day. 

YARY is a Holistic Centre, located inCocoa Coast atbahia. On the banks of the Tijuípe River, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, located in the village ofSerra Grande, between Ilhéus and Itacaré.

We propose to be a space that offersconnection with nature in a simple and ancestral way, opening interior spaces for the reconnection and renewal of the mind, emotions, body and spirit.


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