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Yoga class



Every Friday 8:00 am

Balance between body, mind and
spirit Expansion of consciousness


Welcome to our Yoga class, a practice that aims to integrate the body, mind and spirit. ​


Our sessions delve into the ancient practices of Yoga, with breathing techniques, series of exercises, dynamic body postures, meditation and mantras. ​


The class lasts 1 hour and is ideal for cultivating self-awareness, nourishing the body and calming the mind.

Feel invited to experience the benefits of Yoga in a warm and welcoming environment.

YARY is a Holistic Centre, located inCocoa Coast atbahia. On the banks of the Tijuípe River, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, located in the village ofSerra Grande, between Ilhéus and Itacaré.

We propose to be a space that offersconnection with nature in a simple and ancestral way, opening interior spaces for the reconnection and renewal of the mind, emotions, body and spirit.


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