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Live a retreat experience with nature


Accommodation in Oca

Inspired by Indigenous tradition, each person sleeps in their own hammock, in a large collective Xinguana Oca. 

Near each hammock, there is a bench where everyone can store their belongings.

The kitchen and bathroom are close and shared.

Everyone can bring their own hammock and covered. We recommend using a mosquito net.

We offer the kit: hammock, rope, mosquito net and cover. Depending on the experience, this kit has a separate value. Check at time of registration.

Lodging at the Chalet

The chalets have a double bed, individual bathroom and balcony.


Accommodation in the collective house

This house has 4 bedrooms, com options de rooms with a double bed or two single beds.

We have a shared bathroom on the top floor, kitchen, living room, porch on the ground floor and a large garden.

Fica next to the river, excellent  to take a dip from time to time and approximately 1 km from Oca Central, where we do the experiences. 

accommodation at the campsite

The area for camping is next  to the central Oca, where we have a shared bathroom and kitchen. 

Everyone must bring all their camping equipment: tent, sleeping bag, insulation thermos, towel, flashlight... 

​It's a great experience. 

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