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Council of Guardians of the 13 Moons


An invitation to dive INSIDE YOURSELF, share in WHEEL



There has always been, on the spiritual plane, a council of elders who guide and nourish the spirit of every woman who walks the Earth.


This council was originally formed by 13 guardians who sustain the flame of Eternal Love over our Sacred Mother Earth.


Each of these guardians brings a quality, a story, a teaching to be integrated and experienced, discovering the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine and its connection with the Totality.


There are 13 experiential meetings,
lasting 2 days each,
where we connect with
the wisdom of each
13 Guardians and their archetypes
(one per meeting), integrating with:

  •     Art therapy

  •     Temazcal - Sweat Tent

  •     Sacred Songs and Dances

  •     Ancestral rituals

  •     Floral Essences

  •     Herbal Baths

  •     Sharing Wheels

  •     Holy fire

  •     Waterfall Baths

  •     Connection with Nature

Among other experiences developed especially for each meeting.


In 2024 we will have 3 meetings:

MARCH · 29 to 31 | “Guardian of relationships”

MAY · 3 to 5 | “Guardian of Wisdom”

OCTOBER · 18 to 20 | “Guardian of Equality”

Home in
Fridays at 6pm
and ending in
Sundays at 2:00 pm


Giovanna Jaxuka is a naturopath therapist and specialist in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a seeker of paths de self-knowledge and ancestral native traditions.

On this red path, for more than 20 years, he has been guiding the Temazcal ceremonies and other experiences in Oca Yary.



(during the 3 days of the meeting)

1º lote (up to 45 days before the meeting)
R$ 480,00  

2º lote

R$ 580,00

3º lote

R$ 680,00

Package with the 3 meetings of the year 2024

25% discount

R$ 1.080,00

(for registrations until 12/28/2023)


*Values include healthy food, stay at Oca Yary and activities. They are for early registration up to 7 days before the experience.


*Enrollment is considered effective upon payment of a down payment of 50% of the value of the experience.


*For accommodation in the oca or camping, each person must bring their own equipment. We offer the kit: hammock, rope, mosquito net and cover for the extra amount of 150 reais.

*We also offer 5% cashback for each friend that comes, referred by you.

Oca Yary is a holistic center located in the middle of the Atlantic forest, in Serra Grande, between Ilhéus and Itacaré, in Bahia. The purpose of the space is the connection with nature, in a simple and ancestral way, opening interior spaces for the reconnection and renewal of the mind, emotions, body and spirit.


A meeting place: with nature, with spirituality, with the other   and with oneself.


Registration and more information via Whatsapp:

+55 (73) 999410492

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